Discover How To Unapologetically Call In More Abundance

And Step Into Your 7 Figure Lifestyle

While Leading From Your Truth

  • What it takes to create sustainable lasting success in an industry where few truly attain the business dream

  • One of the biggest mistakes I see coaches, change agents and healers make that keep them broke, stuck, and spinning their wheels–and how to avoid it

  • Tips to overcome your money struggle and finally be free from it (yes, women experience money struggle even when making 6, 7 & 8 figures)

  • A peek into the mindset that’s contributed to me and my clients closing multiple millions of dollars in sales

“I manifested a rockin’ Spirit-led 6-figure business aligned with my Divine Calling that joyfully lights me up while making a powerful impact on Earth.

I went from barely earning enough money to pay rent to manifesting my 1st $10K month, then $47K month and now over $144K in 6 months!!"

~Aisha Rose

“Kendra has given me a wealth of tools that supported my ability to expand into and grow a 7-figure business in 2 short years.

I look in the mirror and don’t even see the same woman. I feel so damn comfortable and confident in my own skin!! Pure joy and ease!"

~Cyndi Padilla

“My life has changed 100%.

Kendra called me out quick on my scarcity thinking.

In a short time I have created a life that I could only dream of and enjoy a 6 figure business.

~Tracy Carter

“I broke through 6-figures.

Kendra is a powerhouse and the processes and practices she teaches WORK.

All of it has contributed to the success, ease and freedom I’m experiencing right now."

~Deborah Fryer