Stopping the Generational loop through

Self- Confidence, Self - esteem, Self-awareness, Self-love and Self-discipline

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Struggling with Confidence?

Picture your child confidently steering life's challenges with ease.

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Envision your child loving themselves and forming meaningful connections.

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Seeking Self-Love and Acceptance?

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, we transform self-doubt into self-confidence.

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs. And it starts even before we conceive.

The mindset and the skillset go hand in hand to be our best as parents.

When our children are experiencing emotional or mental issues, we feel responsible.

At times when our children are physical illnesses, we wish we can take away their pain and give them a magic pill to cure them. At times we might feel like failing parenting.

Are you seeing a generational loop when you look at your child?

You might me seeing similar behaviours, thought patterns, learning challenges, special needs or even trauma.

When a mum is pregnant, she doesn't just feed nourishment to her foetus that's growing inside of her, she also passes on her emotions, feelings and any negativity that she's experiencing during her pregnancy.

How environment definitely plays a huge role in the type of person we are and who we become.

This is called Epigenetics. The environment that we live in can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, trauma, make us overthinkers or just looping thoughts of fears.

Solving these issues has an adult is important especially before we have children. Between the ages of zero and seven years old our children are functioning at alpha mode-this means that their brain activity allows them to sponge up whatever they're seeing.

They become like video recorders capturing all these moments that they are experiencing. Most often any trauma or negative experiences get saved deep into the unconscious mind and this part of the mind affects them during their life’s journeys.  

So, what type of limiting beliefs are you passing on to your children? How is your past affecting your children's present?

“Your child is living their soul journey. You are part of the training.”

- Nirasha Ramlugan

Break Free from the Generational Loop of Baggage & Emotional Trauma

...and Create a Positive Legacy for Your Family!

When we say the apple does not fall too far from the tree, this is what is meant by this. Has adults our trauma and our past start to affect our children emotionally mentally and even physically.

After eight years old, the pattern of brain waves goes to beta.

This is when all the processing begins.

Children start to make sense of what they have recorded and stored in their unconscious mind and when they cannot make sense of it, it then starts to form big questions in their mind.

If these questions are ignored and unanswered, it becomes a limiting belief which then becomes their reality. As a therapist with 15 years of working with mental and emotional health, my expertise is concreted in the field of working with children and parents in preventing this generational loop of issues.

When I used to be a teacher for nearly 25 years, I used to see parents, year in and year out passing on the same behaviours to their children. It was becoming a vicious cycle between parents and child. They were lacking self-confidence, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-love and self-discipline.

Now imagine growing up lacking in the understanding off the higher Self?

There are countless research studies in the field of parenting and well-being in children where generational loops of emotional issues are passed on from parent to child.


Come and join me in two ways:

The Wellness

Tutor ™

Here I will be teaching your child about understand themselves, their purpose and also give them the survival toolkit for life.

I am a big believer in prevention rather than just management of a problem.

The Inner- Net Lounge for Parents

Join our Facebook Private community, where together we learn more.

I will be hosting Facebook lives, free webinars, Q & A sessions to share valuable tips and ways to help your children walk towards better versions of themselves. You will also have access to discounted parenting seminars, courses, retreats and even 1-1 therapy with me for you or your child.

Is The Wellness Tutor ™

for you and your child?

If you want your child to be well rounded and develop holistically then The Wellness Tutor ™ is the best classroom environment.

It is not about just getting A grades in school subjects like Maths, English, Science etc but rather working towards achieving A grades in character and life.

Enrol your child today… for only £100 a month, your child will be collecting skills and building a survival toolkit for life.

1 x 60 min weekly lesson- UK term time only.

If you are unsure check out this list of issues that your child might or might not be struggling with:

Hello, I’m Nirasha

Nirasha Ramlugan 

Just Simply Change Ltd

Integrative Transformational Therapist 

I help parents to help their children heal their bodies by healing the mind. The SAD Thug (stress, anxiety and depression) can damage confidence & self-esteem.

I work with children from 7 years to university students- including special emotional, behavioural and learning needs.

I use a combination of tools - Rapid transformational & clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, Yoga science, Reiki and quantum science healing - to help build the best relationship between parents & children, of all ages.

Mental and emotional issues lead to chronic illnesses even through adulthood. Gut health & brain development, are very often the first signs.

My mission is to transform mindsets through natural and holistic ways.

Generational loops of issues need to stop. Learning about the higher self through self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem, creates the best environment chemically and energetically at a cellular level.

I love writing and have published 4 books for both parents and children. Additionally, I am a big believer in life long learning and contemporary natural ways of healing therefore I am pursuing a PhD in Intergrative and Natural medicine.

Mobile: 07737495666

What have past customers said?

My daughter (19 years old) was suffering from depression, anxiety, aversion to social interactions. She has significantly improved after Nirasha’s Hypnotherapy programme. She is now interacting with us normally, willing to concentrate on her mental health and the need to strengthen it. Nirasha’s approach was very friendly and my daughter felt very comfortable with her. We are so grateful to Nirasha’s effort in shaping her future. We are confident that she will come back to normalcy quickly by using the tools given to her.

( Singapore)

My experience with Nirasha was one that was very positive. I started suffering with anxiety and panic attacks and Nirasha’s tools definitely helped me be able to control my breathing in order to stay calm and be able to bring myself out of a panic attack.

Her tools have helped me be able to clear out negative thoughts, feel more confident in situations and feel calmer overall.

I would definitely recommend Nirasha to anyone who is looking to clear their mind and calm their thoughts.

SS - United Kingdom

Before speaking to aunty Nirasha, I used to be an anxious, depressed and socially awkward teenager.

Thanks to her help I have now become an assertive, confident and ambitious “young man”.

I am grateful for the tools and life skills that aunty Nirasha has provided me with and still listen to my audios religiously.

Thank you aunty Nirasha for assisting me to reach my full potential 🙏

AR (17 years old)

- South Africa

She is a wonderful lady who has helped me be a more confident and loving person. As a teenager she helped me deal with the stress of school and how to tackle it like a boss. I loved her as my therapist and she not only helped my mind but my whole body. I would definitely recommend. :)

AB (16 years old) - United Kingdom

Your child might be suffering with challenges and you might be struggling to give them the right support. When your child doesn't feel heard or listened to, they start to rebel, and this makes parenting even harder.

The Wellness Tutor ™ will teach your child how to walk one step closer to the best version of themselves. They will learn skills and coping mechanisms of dealing with daily life issues whether they're at school, at home or in social settings.

Parents, you will also be developing your toolbox and collecting skills, while sharing different ways of parenting in our Facebook community the Inner-Net lounge.

Here is what a The Wellness Tutor ™ class session look like:

  • 60 mins Online session: In the comfort of your own home.

  • Term time only: 38 to 40 lessons a year

  • Differentiated classes.

  • Fun lessons with lots of laughter

  • Focus on the 5M’s: Movement, Mindset, Mirror Reflections, Micro-nutrition & Manifestation

  • Learning focus and concentration skills through meditation, mindfulness, and sound bathing.

  • Connecting to their inner-self through understanding about energy and Quantum entanglement.

  • Breakout rooms to stimulate discussions and sharing of experiences.

  • Learning healing techniques like breath healing, body movement, yoga warmups and natural ways of healthy living through the concept of ‘Your what you eat, and you become what you think’.

  • Journal reflecting and practical exercises.

  • Small out of class tasks that would link to themselves or their family.

  • Guest Teachers and specialists in certain lessons


If my child cannot attend a lesson, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately you would not get a refund but an activity or a recording will be made available for your child to go through.

What does my child need for the online lessons?

They will need be dress comfortable to be able to do breath taking and some yoga movements. They will need some felt tips/ colour pencils and a book to write in.

I will be sending worksheets that may need to be printed for the lessons.

What is the time frame for attendance?

Your child would benefit from attending all lessons during UK term time. It’s only 38 to 40 lessons and they will reap the benefits from attending for the year.

How do we make payment for the classes?

A direct debit needs to be set up for the start of every month. Makes it easy if payment is made on the 1st or 2nd of the month.